Mr. Xiangyao Liu (CEO)
   Mr. Xiangyao Liu, male, aged 44, was born in Hebei Province, China, who is living in Hong Kong currently. He graduated from Business Management stream of the Hebei Institute of Finance in 1994.
  Mr. Liu served in the state-owned Materials Bureau of Hebei Province and engaged in steel and other logistics trading between 1994 and 1996. From 1996 to 2003, he invested and established the Pacific Trade and Logistics in China, served as the General Manager, and engaged in the trading and logistics of steel, agricultural products and other commodities.
  In 2010, Mr. Liu participated in the investment of Wuhan Renhe Group (which held the Wuhan Huazhong Steel Trading Center Co., Ltd. at that time), supervising logistic and trade of steel. He also starts to engage in financial and security investments in Hong Kong from then.
  From 2012, Mr. Liu served as Deputy General Manager of the Wuhan Huazhong Steel Trading Center Co., Ltd. (which is restructured and became the Wuhan Yangtze River Newport Logistics Co., Ltd.). He supervised the transition of the Steel Trading Center to an office and apartment complex which supports the warehouses and docks, planned program to bring the Steel Trading Center into the Yangluo Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Pilot Free Trade Area in Wuhan; hosted feasibility study of Wuhan Yangtze River Newport Logistics Center and formulated the "Feasibility Study"; carried out Collaborative research with the government and developed the " Design of Yangluo Newport Pier "; directed restructuring, overall planning and business management of the company.
  On December 19, 2015, Mr. Xiangyao Liu served as Executive Director & CEO of Yangtze River Development LTD. He holds 53.17% of Yangtze River Development LTD's shares now.
James S. Coleman Resume
  James Stuart Coleman, Director, male, aged 59, was born in New York City. Mr. Coleman received his Bachelor Degree in History from Allegheny College in 1978.
  Since 2006, Mr. Coleman has served as an Associate Broker at Bond New York Properties, LLC, specializing in Commercial Real Estate in New York. He has also been a Partner of the Angel Capital Ltd, an Angel Capital Investments in start-up companies since 2012. Mr. Coleman has also been the CEO and CFO of Dream Recovery International Inc., (DRI) a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility since January 2014.  In this capacity, Mr. Coleman has been involved with financial decisions and fund raising for DRI.  In addition, he works with the staff to meet all of the compliance guidelines set by the Department of Child and Family Welfare (DCF) of the State of Florida. Since April 2015, Mr. James Coleman has been appointed as the Chief Representative in the United States of Wuhan Huazhong Iron and Steel Trading Center Co., Ltd. (Renamed as Wuhan Yangtze River Newport Logistics Co., Ltd.). Mr. Coleman has worked as the liaison between the company and Kirin International Holdings, Inc. He has also worked in conjunction with law firm in U.S, Accounting Firms, Market Makers, Investment Banks, Financial advisors and other departments with the objective of up listing Kirin from the OTCBB to Main Board Market.
  On December 19, 2015, Yangtze River Development LTD. appointed Mr. James S. Coleman as Executive Director of the company.
Mr. Zhanhuai Cheng (Executive Director)
  Mr. Zhanhuai Cheng, male, aged 68, was born in Wuhan, China. Since 1968, Mr. Cheng has joined the Wuhan Iron and Steel Plant, focusing on production, railway and other construction, port transportation. From 1976 to 1993, he worked for the Ministry of Railways Bridge Engineering Bureau, and served as a researcher, associate dean of Institute of bridges and other positions, contributing to the planning of numerous research projects and achieving great success. From 1993 to 2000, Mr. Cheng served as Officer of Wuhan Light Rail Construction and was in charge of resource development, project design, tendering and construction work. During his term of office, Mr. Cheng has contributed greatly to metro line planning and rail transit construction in Wuhan. These are recognized by the Wuhan Government with a number of honorary titles issued to him and reported by the mainstream media in Wuhan repeatedly. During 2000 to 2007, Mr. Cheng was transferred and served as Wuhan City Port Authority Officers, and was in charge of port construction planning. During his term of office, Mr. Cheng investigated the various ports of the Yangtze River and accumulated great experience of port planning, wharf construction, operation and management. He helped various Wuhan official departments to complete the transformation of the water network, port construction, etc., and obtained the title of advanced workers of Wuhan City. During his service, Mr. Cheng also directed the planning, development and construction of Qingshan Port, Yangluo Port, Yangsi Port and other terminals in Wuhan. The annual throughput of these ports reached over millions of tons. His significant contribution to the construction and development of port in Wuhan is undoubtable. Mr. Cheng was hired as business mentor by the Wuhan government in 2009.
  On December 19, 2015, Yangtze River Development LTD appointed Mr. Zhanhuai Cheng as Executive Director of the company.
Mr. Yanliang Wu (Executive Director)
  Mr. Yanliang Wu, male, aged 50, was born in Wuhan, China, studied at Huazhong University of Science and Technology from 1984 to 1986, received a BSc Logistics. During his study, he acquired professional knowledge on warehouse management, logistics management, financial management, logistics economics and other logistics expertise.
  From 1986 to 1996, he worked in the head office of the state-owned Wuhan Metal Materials Corporation, served as former Minister of Management, General Manager of futures section. During his employment, he has won two advanced individual title in 1990 and 1992. He achieved the China senior economist titles in September 1994.
  Mr. Wu worked for Alpha Logistics co, ltd company in Montreal, Canada in 1997 to 2003, served as the Head of Logistics and coordinated the construction of logistics network of the company in North America and the Pacific Rim. From 2002, he directed docking of the company and the logistics industry in Mainland China, as well as prepared the construction and training of personnel of the Shanghai Branch.
  From 2012 to now, Mr. Wu serves as the Deputy General Manager of the Wuhan Huazhong Steel Trading Center Co., Ltd. (which is restructured and became the Wuhan Yangtze River Newport Logistics Co., Ltd.), and is in charge of the company's indoor storage, outdoor yards, approval, planning and construction of bonded warehouses, and logistics team formation, logistics and operations management.
  On December 19, 2015, Yangtze River Development LTD. appointed Mr. Yanliang Wu as Executive Director of the company.
Mr. Yu Zong (Executive Director)
  Mr. Yu Zong, male, aged 45, was born in Wuhan, China, with Canadian citizenship, acquired Master of Construction Management.
  From September 1989 to June 1993, Mr. Zong studied at the Wuhan University specializing in industrial and civil construction, and obtained bachelor's degree; from September 2002 to January 2004, he was enrolled in Construction Management of Civil Engineering of the University of British Columbia, and obtained Master of Engineering.
  Mr. Zong has four years of study and relevant working experience in Canada, 7 years of work experience in an architectural design institutes, 10 years of operating experience in large-scale real estate projects, providing him with wealth of expertise and excellent management capabilities in real estate project management.
  From 1993 to 2000, he worked in Wuhan Architectural Design Institute, served as structural engineer, supervising engineer, design representatives and other positions, and engaged in the structural design of various construction works of over 30 projects, which structure types include frame structure, wall structure, shear wall structure, large span prestressed and other structures. He obtained intermediate grade for structural engineer in 1998.
  From 2000 to 2002, Mr. Zong worked as Project Manager in Pace Home Development Inc. Canada, and mainly engaged in all types of construction engineering consulting and project management consulting.
  From 2003 to 2006, Mr. Zong worked in Hubei Jiuding Ltd as Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer, and was responsible for construction and management of a villa project which occupied an area of 80,000 ㎡ and a total construction area of 70,000 ㎡. During the construction period, his duties included preliminary design, construction report, tendering and management of project quality, progress, investment, safety management, etc.
  From 2007 to 2009, he worked in China Railway Group Wuhan Properties Limited, as the Minister of Engineering and Minister of  Planning Division, and participated in a large real estate project which had a total investment of 6 billion yuan, covering an area of 530,000 ㎡ and a total construction area of 1,060,000 ㎡.
  From 2009 to 2012, he worked in Wuhan Dingxin Ltd as Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer, and presided over the construction and management of a residential project, "Mocha town" Phase II.
  Starting from 2012, he has worked in the Wuhan Huazhong Steel Trading Center Co., Ltd. (which is restructured and became the Wuhan Yangtze River Newport Logistics Co., Ltd.) as Deputy General Manager, and is responsible for the development, construction and management of the real estate sector.
  On December 19, 2015, Yangtze River Development Ltd. appointed Mr. Yu Zong as Executive Director of the company.
Harvey Leibowitz (Independent Director)
  Mr. Harvey Leibowitz, aged 81, was born in New York.
  Mr. Leibowitz obtained his bachelor degree in Accounting from Baruch College in 1955 and studied at Brooklyn Law School.
  From 1956 to 1960, Mr. Leibowitz served as Accountant in various CPA firms in America.  From 1960 to 1962, he was employed as Auditor in Gibralter Financial, LLC in North Carolina.  From 1962 to 1979, he served as Senior Vice President of Sterling National Bank in New York.   From 1979 to 1992, he served as Vice President of Finance Division of International Paper, Foothill Capital in New York.  From 1992 to 1999, Mr. Leibowitz served as a Senior Vice President of Sterling National Bank. From 1999 onward, he has served as Director and Chairman of Audit Committee of Asta Funding, Inc. (a NASDAQ listed company).
  Mr. Leibowitz has tertiary qualification in accounting and has developed relevant accounting and auditing expertise as well as corporate management leadership skills through managing various CPA firms. He is sitting on the board and audit committee of US listed companies.
  The Company wishes to appoint Mr. Leibowitz as Independent Director and Chairman of Audit Committee to help enhance corporate governance and internal control.  
  On December 19, 2015, Yangtze River Development Ltd. appointed Mr. Harvey Leibowitz as Independent Director and Chairman of Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Nomination Committee and Governance Committee of the company to help enhance corporate governance and internal control.
Daniel W. Heffernan (Independent Director)
  Mr. Daniel W. Heffernan, male, aged 66, was born in New York, NY.
  Mr. Daniel W. Heffernan obtained his bachelor degree in theology from New York Shadowbrook Jesuit Seminary in 1972.
  From 1973 to 1986, Mr. Daniel W. Heffernan served as an officer in New York Life Insurance Company. From 1986 to 1998, Mr. Daniel W. Heffernan was employed as an officer in Jhminer, Co. Ltd in New York. From 1998 to present, Mr. Daniel W. Heffernan served as principal in HRK Associates, LLC..
  Daniel Heffernan has more than thirty years of financial experience in the highly specialized niche market of mitigation of risk through the use of insurance and reinsurance related financial products. He has provided services to clients operating throughout the U.S. and in the international marketplace. Dan uses this experience in providing credit enhanced, customized financial solutions that provide a distinctive bridge to the capital markets.
  Dan is actuarially trained and has previously worked for New York Life Insurance Company, where he ran the Pension Department and supervised its two hundred eighty employees, and MINET/MIPI Brokers. While at New York Life, he consulted with a client base in excess of 5,000 corporations and unions, providing services ranging from structuring to administration.
  The following are typical of the transactions Dan has been able to complete utilizing performance bonds, credit wraps, forwards and residual value guarantees:
  $40,000,000 refinance of multi family housing units utilizing a Conduit structure.
  Acquisition of $3,400,000 LP interest in Section 8 project.
  Fannie Mae refinance of $13,500,000 for Section 8 project.
 Acquisition of a $9,000,000 nursing home.
  Complete retrofit of an $80,000,000 manufacturing plant.
  Purchase of a $22,000,000 San Diego office building.
  Credit enhancement of a $25,000,000 auto loan portfolio.
  Issuance of approximately 85 separate and distinct financial bonds ranging in amounts from $15,000 to $100,000,000 utilizing various risk mitigation structures of insurance both primary insurance and secondary reinsurance coverage.
  On January 2016, Yangtze River Development Ltd. appointed Mr. Daniel W. Heffernan as Independent Director and Chairman of Board Oversight Committee of the company to help enhance corporate internal control and management.
Adam Goldberg (Independent Director)
  Mr. Goldberg is the President and founder of Telco Experts LLC since March 2008. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Gemini Communications from March 1996 to March 2008. At Telco, Mr. Goldberg obtained regulatory approval as a licensed telephone company in 21 states and manages staff of 30 telecommunication professionals and engineers. Mr. Goldberg has extensive experience in business development, regulatory affairs, strategic planning, employee development and project management. We have selected Mr. Goldberg as a director because of his expertise in project management and strategic planning.
  Mr. Goldberg obtained his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Finance from University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business in 1993.
Mr. ZHIHONG SU (Independent Director)
  Mr. Zhihong Su, Aged 55, was born in 1960 in Beijing. In August 1983 Mr. Su earned his bachelor's degree of laws (LLB) from the China University of Political Science and Law where he had taught for a year after graduation before becoming a qualified Chinese lawyer in the same year.  He obtained US green card and citizenship in 1994 and 1999 respectively. Currently he has obtained a 10-year China working visa.
  Back in December 1984 Mr. Su was assigned to serve China International Trust and Investment Corporation ("CITIC") as in-house lawyer responsible for legal affairs of overseas investments.
  In January 1990, Mr. Su was sent to station at the Washington DC-based law firm Arnold and Porter LLP ("APL") as an expatriate lawyer to oversee a full spectrum of legal matters of CITIC subsidiaries in the United States, namely, CITIC Steel Group (中信钢厂), CITIC Buffalo Tungsten Company (中信布法罗钨公司), CITIC Seattle Woodland (中信西雅图林场) and CITIC Florida Real Estate Co. Ltd. (中信弗罗里达房地产公司).  During his stay in Washington from 1990 till June 1996, he pursued a specialization in US corporate and securities law, as well as assisted a Chinese textile manufacturer, an APL client, to win an anti-dumping case relating to hat products.
  Mr. Su was sent back to China in July 1996.  Since then he had served in a government-run law firm The Law offices of Jiahe ("Jiahe") as the Founding Director and lawyer until November 2001. Its main clients are large state-owned enterprises like CITIC, China Shenhua Group Corporation (中国神华集团公司), China North Group Corporation (中国北方集团公司), the PLA General Logistics Financial Settlement Center (解放军总后勤财务结算中心) China Everbright Bank (中国光大银行), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (中国工商银行) and over 30 other state-owned enterprises; whilst securities law related clients include Harbin Dongan Auto Engine Co., Ltd., Northeast Expressway Company Limited, Guangxia (Yinchuan) Industry Co., Ltd. and other 20 state-owned large enterprises. The firm covers a wide range of services in finance, investment, securities, litigation, banking and intellectual property. Jiahe ranked No. 3 in annual revenue of the industry in Beijing in 1998.
  Mr. Su took his career to the next level by going into private practice. In December 2001, he set up Beijing Hengjun Law Firm ("Hengjun") and served as the managing partner. Hengjun's legal services cover securities, litigation, corporate and banking businesses.
  On January 2016, Yangtze River Development Ltd. appointed Mr. Zhihong Su as Independent Director of the company to help enhance corporate governance and internal control.
Mr. Zhixue Liu (Independent Director)
  Mr. Zhixue Liu, male, aged 52, was born in Hunan Province, China, is Doctor of Management, Professor and PhD Tutor in the School of Management of the Huazhong University of Science & Technology, deputy director in the Department of Production Operations and Logistics Management, one of the main makers of "the People's Republic of China National Standard - Classification and Index of Logistics Enterprises", and one of the main drafters of "the People's Republic of China National Standard - logistics terminology". He is also Committee of the National Ministry of Education Logistics Specialty Teaching Steering Committee, communication reviewer of the National Natural Science Fund Committee Management Division, Committee of the National Professional Commission for Certification of logistics specialist vocational qualifications, Deputy Secretary General of the China Logistics Technology Association, Executive Director of the China Society of Logistics, and Executive Director of the China Marketing Association.
  Mr. Liu concentrated in logistic study in the Huazhong University of Science & Technology from 1982 and obtained his Bachelor of Logistics degree in 1986. After his graduation, he serves as assistant, lecturer, associate professor, professor and doctoral tutor in the University, and focus on researching and teaching on logistics management, supply chain management, international trade, international business operations and marketing. Recently, he has published of 6 representative works, including the "Modern Logistics Handbook", and more than 40 papers in the domestic and foreign core journals. He also hosted and participated in the "Research on Model of Supply Chain Logistics Management and Case Studies on China's Auto Supply Chain" and other researches of The National Natural Science Foundation; hosted the research on "Shandong WeifangCity logistics Development Strategy Plan", "Planning of Jiangyin Yangtze Port Integrated Logistics Zone" and " Logistics Solutions for Dongfeng Vehicles", " Study on Transition of Wuhan Iron and Logistics Transportation Companies" and a number of other logistics management issues. His research output awarded the Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award for the National "Ninth Five-Year" key scientific and technological projects, and the Second in Progress Award of the National Commercial Science and Technology.
  On December 19, 2015, Yangtze River Development Ltd. appointed Mr. Zhixue Liu as Independent Director of the company to help enhance corporate governance and internal control for special technologies of logistic and so on.
Mr. Tongmin Wang (Independent Director)
  Mr. Tongmin Wang, Male, aged 56, was born in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. He has obtained his bachelor degree in port machinery design and equipment manufacturing and master's degree in industrial management, and is a senior engineer.
  From 1981 to 1992, Mr. Wang served in Wuhan Port Machinery Plant of the Ministry of Transportation in China, during which he was admitted to the Department of Ship Mechanical Engineering in Wuhan Institute of Water Transport Engineering in 1983, and obtained Bachelor of Engineering. After undergraduate graduation, he was back to the original factory and worked as a harbor craft designer.
  Mr. Wang worked for Wuhan Port Group from 1992 to 2007. Meanwhile in 1996, Mr. Wang finished Postgraduate courses in the Department of Industrial Economics of CASS Graduate School, specializing in business management, and obtained Master's degree in industrial management in 1998. During this period, Mr. Wang held the following positions in Wuhan Port Group: Deputy Director and Director of the Office; Deputy Director of water plant; Factory Director of port machinery repair factory; Chief Manager in Port Security Technology Section; Leader in port handling operations team; Integrated Management Director, etc.
  Mr. Wang works in Wuhan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Port Terminal Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. since 2007.
  He has served as Integrated Management Deputy Minister and Office Manager of the Department of Comprehensive Management Department, bipartite Minister of loading and unloading offices; Chief Engineer of Equipment Management Division, etc.
  Mr. Wang possesses professional knowledge and more than three decades of rich experience in the actual management of the port. He is familiar with port business and demonstrated a strong practical ability especially in the organization and management of loading and unloading production, is able to utilize his expertise to solve practical problems, to judge and deal with equipment failures. He also obtained rich administrative experience on port terminal management, and a strong organization, coordination and integrated management capabilities.
  On December 19, 2015, Yangtze River Development Ltd. appointed Mr. Tongmin Wang as Independent Director of the company to help enhance corporate governance and internal control for special technologies of port、pier and so on.
Ms Xin Zheng CFO
  Ms Xin Zheng, female, age 36, was born in Beijing, China.
  From September 1997 to July 2001, Ms Xin Zheng studied in Beijing Union University and obtained bachelor degree in industrial and commercial management. Ms. Zheng furthered her study in University of Bradford in the United Kingdom and in February 2004 she obtained her Master's Degree in Finance Management. She also attended several financial and account senior management level courses.
  From April 2004 to May 2006, Ms. Zheng was employed by Beijing's branch of Mercer Consulting, a world leading financial and management consulting firm. She engaged in management consulting and financial modeling for a variety of companies, including state and privately owned business. Where she accumulated ample experience in high level financial management and budgeting.
  From May 2006 to December 2009, Ms. Zheng was employed in the Lighting Division of Philips, a Netherlands based fortune 500 company. Philips has generated approximately $9 billion dollars in revenue in China, where she was responsible for budgeting and financial planning for the northern China operations of Philip's lighting division. She kept regular communication with China and Netherlands headquarter on a regular basis to ensure the budget in sales and revenue are fulfilled.
  Ms. Zheng joined Kirin International Holding, INC ("Kirin") registered in Nevada, U.S. in December 2009. Her first position Marketing Director for both Xingtai Zhongding Jiye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Hebei Zhongding Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, which through certain contractual arrangements, the. As Marketing Director, Ms. Zheng's responsibilities included oversight of the company's marketing and sales, financial budgeting and sales implementation and so on. Since September 2010, she has been employed in Kirin's finance department where she has been in charge of Kirin's accounting and financing matters, and responsible for the financial budgeting, accounting policy implementation, internal audit and financing.
  In April 2011, Ms. Zheng was appointed the Chief Financial Officer of Kirin, and she has been in charge of the accounting, auditing and financial matters. Especially, she was responsible for the liaison of all Kirin public listing and financing matters, financial reporting works with SEC, public relation matters and communication with SEC on an as-needed basis. For the about to five years' experience as CFO, Ms. Zheng has contributed a lot on the daily finance and accounting matters and public reporting matters with her expertise and professional knowledge in financing and accounting and her great personality in communications.
  Yangtze River Development Ltd. appointed Ms. Xing Zheng as Chief Financial Officer of the company

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